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Strictly V-Twin is a family operation offering a huge selection of in stock parts, accessories & clothing along with licensed technicians performing expert service

It all started with a passion for motorcycles.  Fred Hale (Motors) entered into the motorcycle business in 1991, with a hip roofed garage with two pegboard walls and a bulk selection of ignition wires.  Those pegboard walls quickly multiplied and stock diversified and the makings of a bike shop were in place.  Fred continued to work his day job as a paramedic, while the business grew and occupied more and more of his time.  Fortunately some free labor was available; two skill-less children (Amy & Ted) who had already molded their hands into the concrete slab the building stands on, began to pretend they were helping.  The years rolled on, the kid’s experience accumulated and they pursued education that positioned them to take bigger roles.


Fast forward to 2008.  Fred was ready to ride off into the sunset (yeah right) – Amy and Ted took the reigns and changed the name.  “Strictly V-Twin” seemed to sum up the business better, and we never considered how many ways people could butcher the word strickly, strickley, strictly.

Thirteen years later, the passion that started the business continues.  We are proud to continue the legacy that started from humble beginings, and thankful for the incredible support we have received from great customers and friends.

Come see us in the fully stocked store, at one of our many events or at exhibiting at a GTA bike show.  Stay tuned for the latest news, products, events and exhibits on our social feeds page (@striclyvtwin) (

-The Hale Family